THE PART OF THE PUZZLE YOU MISS Our integrity is built on strong values that guide us in our daily business in order to achieve market success, but also contribute to the general well-being of the broadest community. This belief guides us in working with clients and partners, our interaction with others and the way we... THE PART OF THE PUZZLE YOU MISS PROJECT MANAGEMENT Members of our team and an extensive network of external experts of various expertise with whom we have close and long-term cooperation have significant international and domestic experience with a relevant body of knowledge and skills, adequate technical, financial, operational and logistical resources for implementation and implementation of programs... PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAININGS AND COURSES In the work of almost a decade and a half, we have organized and held over 500 trainings, which were attended by more than 7,000 participants from various fields. All trainings from our offer are in the hands of certified trainers with 10, 20 and more years of experience.... TRAININGS AND COURSES

About Us

We are a company that provides consulting services to local governments, public companies, NGOs and other public and private institutions. In our work so far, we have implemented over 200 projects, of which more than 140 have been done in cooperation with the local government, we have published over 50 brochures with professional content and held over 500 trainings and workshops attended by over 7,000 people. In addition to standard services that have been offered for almost a decade and a half, and in accordance with the situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have recently offered online training in several thematic areas.





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Radomir Milovanović


Zagorka Štavljanin

Project manager

Vesna Pantelić


Nemanja Vukadinović

project assistant


Case Studies

Studija 1: Obuke Projektnog tima, finansijer Opština Andrijevica – Crna Gora (EU CBC Srbija-Crna Gora Program 2012) Studija 1: Obuke Projektnog tima, finansijer Opština Andrijevica – Crna Gora (EU CBC Srbija-Crna Gora Program 2012) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat.

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